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We specialize in the Office Furniture Dealer and Educational Sectors of North America.

Martack Specialties Ltd. is your source for all your Markerboard, Tackboard, Chalkboard, Conference Cabinets and Directory Board requirements. Our products can be designed to your specific needs and are perfect for offices, classrooms, various industries and even right in your own home. We can manufacture custom sizes in Porcelain Whiteboard, Natural Cork Tackboards and Fabric Tackboards.

We also partner with Interior designers and Construction Companies for new projects. Tenders Welcome.

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A Quick Look at our Products

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Glass Markerboards & Mobile Units

Our Glass Markerboards provide a seamless blend to any decor and contemporary elegance for any environment. Made from 100% recycled glass!

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Series 680 | Display Unit

With sliding & locking glass doors, the Series 680 makes a great cabinet to display achievements.

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Series 640 | Glass Hinged Bulletin Board

Bulletin board with hinged glass doors with a huge variety of optional customizable surfaces for the back panel.

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Series 670 | Bulletin Board

A bulletin board with dual sliding glass doors, that include customizable tack surfaces to suit any professional environment.

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Educational Products

Martack has a diverse selection of products for educational purposes, everything from Chalkboards & Markerboards to Lockers & Horizontal Sliders.

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Mini Mobiles

Durable, space-saving and highly functional, the Mini Mobile helps you easily move your presentation around with you.

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Mobile Dividers

Multi-purpose, functional and highly durable.

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Conference Cabinets

Make a statement of elegance! Conference Cabinets that add your office's functionality and sophistication.

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Combination Boards | Wood-Framed

Best of both worlds, wood-framed boards with a combination of white markerboard surface and a tackable surface that is available with a range of optional surfaces.

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Combination Boards | Aluminum-Framed

Aluminum-framed boards with a combination of white markerboard surface and a tackable surface that is available with a range of optional surfaces.

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Tackboards | Wood-Framed

Classic! Solid wood-framed tackboards with huge range of options to customize your perfect look and feel.

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Tackboards | Aluminum-Framed

Modern! Aluminum-framed tackboards with round corners, and customizable tackable surface. Fits right in with any modern office decor.

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Markerboards - Wood Framed

Solid wood-framed white markerboards with available options to customize the frame.

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Markerboards | Aluminum-Framed

Aluminum-framed white markerboards with three available options to customize the frame to match any corporate decor.

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Mobile Units

With two usable surfaces and wheels for portability, our Mobile Units offer the flexibility of moving around your presentations and work.

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Portable Fold & Go Easels

Ultimate portability! Fold & Go easels offer the flexibility and functionality of carrying around your presentations and work everywhere you go.

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